Star Comedian Jerry Lewis passes away at 91


Jerry Lewis was born in 1926 in New Jersey. His father was an entertainer. His mother used to play piano in a radio station.He faced the stage at the age of five. He was the most successful comedian of Hollywood. Jerry Lewis died at the age of 91 due to illness. He died on Sunday morning in Las Vegas. Lewis had done 16 films with Dean Martin and achieved great success at the box office. Jerry Lewis worked in the blockbuster movies like Cinderfella, Bell Boy, The Nutty Professor etc. He was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

The King of Comedy

Many celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Jim Carrey, William Shatner, paid homage to him after getting his death news. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Press Secretary also stated in her tweet that America loved him the way he loved it.

Jerry Lewis had also hosted a television program in order to raise money for charity. He was the highest paid celebrity in 1985. Jerry Lewis was also a writer.

Lewis’s childish behavior made him successful. Lewis stated in an interview that being a moron made him victorious.

Jerry Lewis stated that he saw the globe through child’s vision. He thought that he was just a nine-year old boy.

The King of Crazy

In France, Jerry Lewis was known as the king of craziness,  in the year of 1984, he received the highest award of France, Legion of Honor.

In this competitive world also Jerry Lewis managed himself to be on the top of Hollywood.