The Spying Malware that would have kept Google out of business: Android’s worst fear!


The 21st century brought unexpected challenges to humanity. Our world as we know it today was converted to a Global Village through the internet. Technology became the core of humanity. Nonetheless, as technology unearthed the potentiality hidden beneath the globe, it also brought numerous unfortunate probabilities.

Cybercrime is among the gravest menaces of technology today. Recently, a group of experts found a virus that was being used for spying on Android smart phones. According to MSN, the cyber agency that created this virus might have been working under the influence of a nation that supports spying attempts.

The Virus popularly known as Lipizzan was reported in a firm that works in Israel. The firm in question works to provide ready-made options and programs for law enforcing and security agencies.

Lipizzan works as a data stealer in Android phones. Once installed, the app could download all the private data from a smartphone and send it back to its Central Command. It’s capable enough to access every social media site and all the encoded data available in a smartphone.

Surprisingly, the malware was spread through the Google App Store and was concealed as a phone cleaner or disk cleaner. Unknowingly, users have been installing Lipizzan in their smartphones and after installation is complete the app starts analyzing the Phone’s data. Every time a cell phone matched the set criteria the app started downloading and accessing all the private data from the cell phone.

We are just lucky that the malware was soon found and removed from the App Store. Fortunately, the number of phones infected by the virus was very low. It could have been a disaster and the percentage of damage would have been higher.

Google services are working in order to secure their app store and are advising users against the use of such conspicuous apps.