SpaceX Revels Their Futuristic Spacesuit Design


Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX revealed their amazing space suit design on Instagram. Therefore, the futuristic design does justify his nickname (Iron Man). The space suit looks as it was from a sci-fi movie.

The minimalist design and futuristic looks are much welcomed than the conventional bulky space suits. The space suit is not just a mock up, it is actually working and passed a couple of critical tests. Elon Musk agrees that making a working space suit with the aesthetics in mind is pretty hard than it sounds. Safety should always be the first priority no matter how bad the space suit looks. Though in my opinion, they couldn’t have done better. The space suit has sleek lines and edges which give them a fashionable look. Also, the white and black color combination matches perfectly with the aesthetics of the spacesuit. Some even think it has a James Bond look in it.

SpaceX is planning their first manned mission to the moon as the first step for humanity for lunar tourism. It will carry 2 passengers on a Dragon space craft. It will orbit the moon and then travel back to Earth. SpaceX will probably initiate the mission in 2018 if everything goes right. There are currently 4000 people working on this project.

Elon Musk is looking forward to establishing a human colony on Mars and make space tourism accessible to everyone. So SpaceX is working hard to make rockets that can land back on Earth to cut the overall cost of space travel by 50% or even more. As a result of their hard work, they have managed to land rockets back on Earth. Though none of them was a manned mission. Even NASA is using their service to send supplies to ISS.

Until now SpaceX has achieved a lot. Even more than NASA in some cases. They truly hold the key to future space exploration and the interplanetary travel for our civilization. Musk proved his critics wrong and he intends to keep surprising us until we reach that goal.