SpaceX Ready To Launch A Super-Computer To Space


SpaceX is ready to launch a cargo ship for International Space Station. Most noteworthy this cargo ship will not just deliver regular cargo but it will also deliver a Super Computer. Yes, a super computer in space. This mission is going to be the 12th official space trip for SpaceX.

The privet space agency is going to launch the Falcon 9 rocket at 12:31 PM (1631 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The rocket will carry the Dragon cargo ship. If anything goes wrong with the weather the launch will be delayed for next week. Above all the weather seems pretty good and very favourable for the launch.

This mission is the result of SpaceX’s $1.6 billion contracts with NASA. The contract consists of total 20 cargo missions. SpaceX will also try to land the Falcon 9 back on Earth. SpaceX is trying to use one rocket for multiple times which will reduce the overall cost.


The Dragon cargo ship will carry a load of 2900 kilograms and it consists of supplies. Above all, it will carry a super computer made by the HP Enterprise. The goal is to test the super computer in space for 1 year and see how it will work in the harsh space environment.

This study will help scientists to make better computing systems for future Mars missions. Therefore this study is very important for our goal of landing a manned space craft on Mars. You see when astronauts will fly away millions of miles away the communication lag will increase drastically. Anywhere between 4 munites to 24 munites for one way communication.

HP senior vice president Alain Andreoli told in a statement, “Such a long communication lag would make any on-the-ground exploration challenging and potentially dangerous if astronauts are met with any mission critical scenarios that they’re not able to solve themselves.”

The super computer aims to provide on board computing for longer periods of time with much more accuracy. He said this is the first step in the direction of sending people to Mars.

The cargo will also carry some other equipment for various experiments. Like stem cell investigation equipment, space farming study equipment and another equipment which will help study Parkinson’s disease.

You can watch the live feed of the launch here