Sony Enters In The Smart Speaker Arena, Another Home For Google Assistant


3 days ago Sony announced its new wireless smart speaker and believe me, it looks promising. The smart speakers will use google assistant as their Virtual Assistant. Therefore we got another google assistant run smart speaker. They also announced a new wireless earbud.

Sony is a little bit late in this smart speaker war because Google and Amazon both are dominating the market right now. Though Sony claims that they want to change the whole smart speaker concept with their new LG S50G speakers. For a good quality, Virtual Assistant Sony paired up with Google. Most noteworthy they made the speaker to actually be a good speaker. Therefore you can enjoy music. Sony managed to pack a subwoofer inside the speaker’s small form factor for better bass output. They also added an omnidirectional two-stage diffuse to efficiently disseminate waves. As a result, this new set of speakers might be better than other smart speaker options available right now. At least Sony claims so.

The speakers come with all the connectivity options that you could imagine. It has Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC. Also, the speakers are waterproof and can withstand small splashes. It will be available to buy in tow colours, Black and White. The speakers will cost $199 and will be available in the US from October.

Sony also launched 3 new noise cancelling earbuds that day for the different user base. The 1000X ear buds series promises dynamic sound range for top notch listing experience. The three new ear buds are WF-1000X ( will compete against Apple air pod ), WI-1000X ( behind the neck design ) and  WH-1000XM2 ( for commuters ).

All of the mentioned ear pods are wireless and can run for at least 9 hours on battery. Sony is yet to announce the price of this ear pods but you can expect a price range between $150 to $300.