Social Media Tycoon Facebook enters the TV competition

facebook watch

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has decided to enter the world of television. According to Business Insider, Facebook is going to launch its redesigned video tab. The launch will likely take place on Thursday.

The much-anticipated tab will go by the name of ‘Watch’. As per a few sources, the tab will showcase TV series to make a debut on 28th August. Approximately forty shows are to be featured in the final list.

No Facebook representative was immediately available to brief about the issue. The launch and debut was set for an earlier date but has been shifted many times. The current debut date may also be moved further.

When can I enjoy this?

Facebook has planned to make the new update available for only a few initially. Facebook is known to roll out its updates for only a few at first. But, the tab will gradually be available for all users very soon.

How much did the shows cost Facebook?

The shorter and less expensive shows in the tab were bought between $5000 and $20000 according to a report. These particular cheaper shows are also available to be viewed on the Facebook after their release on ‘Watch’. Facebook is also willing for huge payments for lengthier and more premium shows.

Why TV engagement?

According to Facebook, the scripted high-quality video shows are an important asset to increase the users on the app. They are specifically focusing on the younger generation. This step is also being seen as the act to counter the rival Snapchat who is snatching the younger users.