Snapchat is going to Add Sky Filters and 3d Bitmoji Lenses


Snap chat is a mobile application. It makes you text the images. It allows you to talk to your friends easily and can share your views. Snap chat is celebrating its sixth birthday.

New features:

On this celebration, snap chat said that it is going to add 3D Bitmoji lenses and the Sky Filters. Even though the company planned to do but they haven’t planned how to do.

Snap Chat Company says that, at some point, users of Snap chat need to pay money to use this Bitmoji’s costumes or ornaments.


Sky Filters:

The plus point of adding Sky Filters in snap chat is able to find the sky to get different effects in that image.

Available effects in snap chat are virtual sunsets, clouds, rainbow, weather and even more. The net effect is going to recognize the sky in a picture.

3D Bitmoji Lenses:

It is also called as World Lenses. Actually, Bitmoji helps the users to customize their emoji’s. So the 3D Bitmoji is used to help the users to get in 3D animations. If you select a picture, then you can drag, pinch or you can even zoom in and out the Bitmoji.

This new feature is currently available to the android users.

Linked with Newspaper:

This company linked with the college Newspaper to create a new one. It is named as Campus Publisher Story.

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