Forget Chargers and Adapters: Laer Laptop Sleeve Will Carry and Charge all Your Devices


There is nothing as devastating as your laptop shutting down due to a power outage in the middle of a presentation. The worst feeling is when you realize you forgot your charger in the room. Imagine the sound of a “battery low” warning while working on the go, on a train or a coffee joint. Forgetting your laptop charger can put you in a total mess especially when trying to beat some project’s deadline. Well, worry no more, the Laer laptop sleeve is here to rescue you.  

Laer is a Bluetooth enabled laptop sleeve that will carry and  charge your laptop, tablet and cell phone all at the same time. With this one of a kind bag, you will not have to worry about chargers, adapters, power banks and all other cables you pack when leaving the house.

Some of the special features in this magic bag include a DC charger for PC and Macintosh and two batteries that you can switch depending on the power capacity and weight you are willing to carry. Also, the sleeve comes with adapters compatible with all countries. You can track it using its trackable chip with TrackR, has a 3.0 USB quick charge, you can operate it using a mobile app.

The sleeve is exceptionally designed; its beautiful appearance will let you carry it anywhere, on the road and to high-class meetings. The composite material used to make the sleeve makes it durable and light to carry around. It is made with a dense protective foam to keep your laptop safe in case of an impact. If you don’t like bulk, Laer is your thing; its two magnetic closures will help maintain the sleeve compact when not in use. Besides, the magnetic closure system allows for quick access to your laptop when you need it.

Laer is compatible with the major laptop brands including Acer, Toshiba, HP, Asus, Surface, Samsung, Lenovo, and Macintosh, among others.

Travel light with reduced luggage, courtesy of Laer Laptop Sleeve.