Sites That PAY You on Clicks and Downloads on Your Links!!!

sites that pay you on links

Have some links of files to share or download? Want to earn $1 per download you get? Want to earn money from clicks on your link? Have some links to your blog and you want to earn through it? In this article you will go through 5 of such sites that pay you on your links. The sites either pay you per click on your links or pay you on number of downloads you get.


ShareCash is is a Pay per Download (PPD) or Cost per Download (CPD) website that pay you $1 on per download your file get. Yes it true it actually pays you a Dollar on each download you get. If you have a software you made then why not use share cash and earn a Dollar for a download. Sound’s nice right? But it comes with a catch off course. When the user try to download your file, He have to complete a survey to download so. It make sure that a download is unique and not a paid up download from you. If your file is good enough to worth something, then user will surely complete the survey and download your file and you will earn your dollar. ShareCash

Here is the link for ShareCash¬† is a URL shortener website that not only offer to shorten you URL’s but it also pays you on clicks on your links. The site first shorten your link for example it makes you long link into a few words small link for convenience. You post the shortened link on you site. The user then click on your link and will see and ad for 5 sec. You will earn Dollars on per thousand click you get. If your site have a good traffic, then you can earn some decent amount. The site payment rates depend on region you live.

Here is the link for ShareCash


RapidGator is a file hosting service. It offers you free storage for your files. RapidGator is also a PPD or pay per download website. It offer you unlimited file storage, fast downloads, and pay you on your downloads. RapidGator, unlike ShareCash don’t offer high payout rates. RapidGator does not promote user to perform surveys to download files like ShareCash. As a file hosting service and PPD site, RapidGator is a good way to earn with your files.

Here is the link for RapidCash

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