Showtime Slapped With a Lawsuit for Poor live stream of Mayweather – McGregor Fight


Despite all the promises attached to sport entertainment revolution, real time sports live stream is still at the bottom of the mountain. In 2015, Mayweather and Pacquiao set an all-time revenue record of 460 million dollars. The Pay-per-view event recorded total buys of 4.6 million. This year’s Pay-per-view featuring Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is expected to record over 5 million buys. The exact record is coming out next week.

During the last minutes before the official kick-off of the match, many fans took to Twitter with complaints about the major failures with the UFC fight pass and Many did not take the failure lightly, as there is already a filed lawsuit against ShowTime. Zack Bartel, for example, is suing the company for carrying out trade malpractices and enriching themselves unjustly. The Oregon resident seeks 200 dollars compensation for any Oregon resident who paid to view the fight via ShowTime but could not.

ShowTime has remained damp about the filed lawsuit, however, one the company’s spokesperson says that “We received a very limited number of complaints, and we’re reviewing all of them carefully, and we will respond accordingly.”

The spokesperson further added that since all refunds are worked on from the point of sale, those who bought from ShowTime via the app or the online distribution and could not view the fight will receive their full refunds.


In his comments, Dana White, the UFC’s president said that UFC values their fans and that they would take good care of them.

It was clear that the live stream experienced difficulties, as the fight kicked-off an hour later than scheduled to give room for UFC and ShowTime to refresh their servers. However, for many fans, the service did not work. Fans expected the services to be working correctly, especially after having to pay $100, the streams should have worked smoothly regardless of whether it is the internet or via cable.

The failures are more heart breaking considering the many promises and hype on the new live streaming options in sports entertainment.

The failure by the live streaming to corporate makes the old traditional television a better and reliable option.