Should You Buy The New Google Home Mini?


On September 4th, Google revealed their response to Amazon Echo Dot when they launched the new Google Home Mini. It has an elegant design, comes in three different shades of colours, and it’s beautiful to admire.

Exceptional Features

First of all, the audio output is a bit better than that of Amazon Echo Dot. It is not louder than echo dot, but it’s a something exceptional. Its mic input is almost as fantastic as that of the standard Google home. That is to say, the Home Mini works perfectly under normal circumstances, but when the room gets too loud, it will struggle. In that case, the Amazon dot gets a plus.

It comes in three colours; charcoal, coral, and grey. It’s a little larger than echo dot, but its design is a lot less futuristic. Its entire top part is fabric covered, and it takes the shape of a doughnut.

Its controls are all about tapping. You tap in the middle, the music plays or pauses. A tap on the right and left raise and lower the volume respectively. If you want to summon Google assistant, you long press on the middle. If you ‘re going to turn off the Home Mini’s listening capabilities, you press a physical button at the bottom edge of the gadget.

Most of all Google Assistant is far better than any other assistant on the market right now.

Major Downside

You cannot use the device as a controller for tracks as it lacks the audio output jack, but you can depend on the Chrome audio dongle. It is like Google made this small device to be used in the bedroom while the standard Google Home is set up in the living room, or maybe the kitchen.

The device feels high quality and relatively cheap at only $49. It is not too loud, but it can handle light listening and some other Google assistant features. All that said if you are looking for a smart speaker under 50 bucks then Google Home Mini is the best option for you.