Cyber Security Expert Warns That Sex Robots Could Be Hacked to Kill Their Owners

Sexd robot

A month ago, a tech guru Elon Musk raised concerns about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world. He is not the only one fearing for the killer technologies. A cyber security expert, Dr. Nick Paterson from Melbourne’s Deakin University has issued stern warning over sex robots.

With more advancement in the tech used to make the dolls, the researcher warns that the lifelike robots might turn all Terminator and harm their users. It is not that the toys will develop brains of their own, but if hackers get control of them, they can make them do everything they want, including turning them into killers.

According to Dr. Paterson, hacking into a robot is a walk in the park compared to hacking into more complicated devices like cell phones and computers. The warning may sound absurd; however, it is important to remember that the sex robots are designed with motherboards and run on an operating system like a computer.

With the rate at which technology is growing, sex dolls will someday be fully connected to the internet, have artificial intelligence features, and of course be exposed to hackers.

A while ago, IOActive demonstrated how they could take control of robots and operate them remotely. IOActive took over UBTech Alpha 2 mini robot and instructed it to stab a tomato multiple times. A giant robot with mechanical skeleton and limbs could destroy a lot bigger things than just a fruit.

The Cyber security lecturer advises you to remember to switch your sweet sex partner offline before use.