A Security Firm Forces Google To Bring Down 60 Apps


With the growing technology, online security has become an issue to many. Mobile phone users, including children, are exposed to malware contaminated apps. Google had to pull down 60 apps from Google play store after a report showing that apps were not just offering the required services.

Check Point, a security firm found that most of the apps on Google play store contained adult content. A considerable number of the apps deleted are games and drawing tutorials used by children.

Google spokesperson assured users that they had removed the apps and disabled accounts of the developers. “We appreciate Point’s work to help keep users safe,” The spokesman added.

Point also told CNBC reporters that because of an excellent working relationship between them and Google, they had to dig deep and find out more about the apps and ads that regularly pops-up.

According to Check Point’s findings, the 60 deleted apps recorded more than 3.5 million downloads. Among the famous removed games include Temple Crush, Angry Birds, Drawing Lessons, and Jungle Bandicoot. Check Point called the malware, “AdultSwine.”

But Is Deleting A Solution To Mobile Phone Users Globally?

According to app developers, Smartphone users who had the app downloaded on their handsets will continue having them there until when they will delete them personally.

The apps were appealing to kids, but Google complains that once you downloaded an infected app, pop-ups would direct the users a fake security app asking them to enter their mobile numbers so that they can win an iPhone or other apps shows porn images.

Last year, Google’s video site, YouTube found itself in hot soup after allowing disturbing videos to infiltrate its official feeds for children.

Detecting malware outside Google play store is a struggle for the company since some codes needs deep analyzing, which the company can’t manage to do.

Check Point cautions mobile phone users to be more vigilant when installing apps especially those associated with kids.