Scottish Born Actress Louise Linton Apologised for her Instagram Post!


U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton, expressed regret on Tuesday. Her post on Instagram was shameful. Louise Linton was showing her costly clothes in the post. She was carrying a white dress with sunglasses.

Louise Linton’s Apologised For Her Statement

Actress Louise Linton responded on her post that she and her husband contributed a lot to the country’s economy. She added that they have paid taxes. On Tuesday, she apologized for her comment. She stated that her comment was not adequate. She put her privacy from the public to private.

Jenni Miller’s Comment on Linton’s Post

Jenni Miller has three children. She is from Portland, Oregon. Jennie had commented on the original post of Linton on Instagram. She wrote that they were glad to pay for the little getaway of hers. She also added the hashtag ‘deplorable’ to the post.

Louise Linton’s Angry Reaction at Miller

She asked Miller angrily if she thought that the government of US paying for their personal travels. She added and asked her whether she has given more economy to the country than them.  Louise Linton said that they have given taxes for their trip much more than Miller.

The US treasury Steve Mnuchin hasn’t given any comment on the issue yet. Mnuchin is the financier of the Hollywood films. He is also the former executive of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Linton has been known to attract controversies from a long time. She was in the midst of controversies earlier also. She published a book last year. African leaders and aid workers said that the content in the book was not factual.