SanDisk’s 400GB Micro SD Card is the Highest Capacity Ever

400GB Micro SD Card

A couple of weeks ago the Western Digital unveiled the largest external hard disc in history(20 TB). This week SanDisk joins them by releasing a 400GB Micro SD card, which is the world’s largest. What do you need all that space for anyway? Considering that now we’re capturing every moment of our lives from our handsets, we should give the Tech Company a round of applause for the big save.

The discovery has come two years after SanDisk unveiled yet the largest SD card of that time, 200GB. According to the company, the SD card can copy up to 100MB per second, which translates to around 1200 high-res photos in a minute. The card is capable of loading mobile apps faster as it meets the A1 App performance class specs. Also, the 400GB Micro SD card can hold and play up to 40 hours long of a video, full HD.

However, everything good comes at a price, and for this magical SD card, the price is hefty. For you to own one, your account will have to read -250 dollars. Your money will not have left you for anything; you’ll be 144GB ahead of any other micro SD card ever manufactured out there. Earlier this year there were rumors that Microdia was set to unleash the biggest SD card, 512GB, but so far nothing has happened, the card was supposed to part you with your hard earned 1000 dollars, damn expensive, right? SanDisk’s 400GB still stands as the best choice, for its cheaper.

For iPhone users, SanDisk still has a thing for you, as they are unveiling a storage device for apple handsets. With the SanDisk iXpand Base, you can backup up to 256GB, for 200 dollars. Other additional iXpand Base for iPhone include 128GB, 64GB, and 32GB, with the cheapest going for 50 dollars.