Samsung Rolls Out It’s Voice Assistant Service Bixby, Will Compete Against Google Assistant & SIRI


Samsung expands the availability of its virtual assistant Bixby for 200 countries. Earlier this year Samsung launched Bixby with the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus but there was no voice recognition system. They added the feature later this year for Korean and US English. With Bixby, Samsung hopes to compete with Google Assistant and Siri. Google Assistant is the market leader in this category.

Samsung is kind of late in this Virtual Assistant race because Google and Apple already have a system up and running for quite a while. All these years of experience have made Google and Apple a strong competitor. As a result, it is going to be very hard for Samsung to grab a world wide user base.

The smartphone giant claims that their Virtual Assistant is better than other ones. They said Bixby is made for working better with its phones and can utilize special features of their smartphones. Bixby can do most of the works that its competitors do. They also added some cool new features.

Customizable Voice Commands

Bixby’s customizable voice commands will allow you to add one voice command for multiple actions. As an example, you can use a voice command like ‘Good Night’ to activate ‘do not disturb’, set the alarm clock and turn on eye saver mode all at once. This feature is unique and has a great potential if used correctly.

Natural Language Understanding

The Natural Language Understanding feature helps Bixby to understand the cross application and complicated commands. Bixby will also learn your personal preferences in order to provide better performance as time passes by.

Bixby can also be included in other smart home accessories from Samsung. They hope to add Bixby to all their smart accessories within 2020. The idea of having total control over most of your home accessories from just a smartphone is becoming a reality very fast. Only time will tell how the future is going to look like.