Samsung Introduces The Largest SSD Worldwide


Samsung holds the world’s record after unveiling the largest-capacity solid state drive (SSD). The SSD kit supports 30.73 terabytes (TB) of storage. The drive aims at corporate consumers who are tired of the standard disk-based hard drives.

The PM1643 is the successor of the 15.36 terabyte drive that Samsung released in March 2016. The drive is a combination of 32 sticks. Each stick holds one terabyte NAND flash package. And, every stick consists of 16 layers of 512 gigabytes V-NAND chips each.

The SSD offers twice the capacity of the earlier drive. This means that the drive has enough space to hold up to 57,000 full HD videos.

What More Comes With The New Samsung PM1643 SSD?

The drive comes with a Through Silicon Via (TSV) machinery that can link up to 8GB double data rate fourth-generation (DDR4) chips. This linking builds up 10 TSV of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) packages each containing 4GB. This is, in particular, the very first time an SSD includes a DRAM applied to TSV.

On the other hand, the SSD has an error correction code (ECC) algorithm that offers high reliability and minimum maintenance of the storage. It also has software that provides protection and data   recovery in case of power failure. Samsung offers the drive for a warranty of five years.

On reading and writing speeds, the PM1643 SSD offers up to 2,100 MB   s and 1,700 MBs per second, this is three times faster than the standard drive found in a consumer pc

In a press statement, Jaesoo Han, Samsung’s Executive Vice President, Memory Sales and Marketing said that with the launch of the 30.72 TB, the company is once again exceeding the barrier of corporate storage capacity and opening new horizons for high-capacity storage systems globally.

It is not yet clear when the PM1643 SSD will go out in markets and the price it will go for. But, the company says that later in the year, it will expand SAS SSDs range.