Ridley Scott Cuts Kevin Spacey from a Complete Film, ‘All the Money in the World’


As they always say, a lousy history will catch up with you, and that is what is happening in the professional life of Kevin Spacey, a horrible past catching up with him. His sexual assault allegations have caused him spots in several films. And now Ridley Scott has joined in the line by cutting the star off from a movie ready for release.

Director Ridley Scott is now on the move to reshoot Spacey’s scenes in the All the Money in the World film replacing him with Christopher Plummer.

The kidnapping film starring Mark Wahlberg would be live on screens next week was it not for the quick decision to re-film it. Kevin Spacey was playing J Getty Paul, an oil tycoon who refuses to pay Ransom for the rescue of his grandson.

Spacey has been experiencing an awful time ever since Anthony Rapp opened up what can now be called a series of allegations against the House of Cards star. A lot of men have lined up behind Rapp each with their own versions of how the Oscar award-winning actor assaulted them. The list includes eight of his co-stars in the political drama series, House of Cards.

The allegations have caused Spacey a great deal of loss in his professional acting career. Hollywood has created a wide gap between them and the actor. His agency, the CAA and a longtime publicist, Staci Wolfe dropped the star as well.

Netflix suspended the production of the House of Cards and canceled the scheduled release of the Vidal biopic, Gore that had Kevin Spacey as the leading actor. The production went ahead and suspended the actor from HoC altogether, and said that they would cancel the series for good if Spacey stayed in it.

It sounds like a whole life of hard work and dedication going all down to waste. A gay and author Talese on Monday expressed his compassion for Kevin Spacey and said that he ‘hated’ Anthony Rapp for destroying another actor’s career.

The All the Money in World film is estimated to have cost $40 million to complete it. And now a part of it that involves Spacey has to be reshot. With the short period remaining to the official release date, the reproduction seems like a real race against time. But Sony promised that they would make sure the film is ready to air by that time, December 22.

Kevin Spacey spent eight days shooting his role in the movie.

Ridley Scott and Sony said that they removed Kevin Spacey from the movie to show respect to those involved in his assault allegations. They also feared that people might not willingly buy tickets to the film, and even for the sake of Oscar voters.