Research Shows That Sex Robots Will Soon be the Way to Go


Sex robots are about to take over the art of making love. According to an investigation conducted in the United States by YouGov, 49% of Americans have the feeling that in the next five decades, having sex with robots will have become a common practice. Probably almost every adult will have a sex toy in their bedrooms.

YouGov is an American firm that conducts internet market research. Their recent study, which involved 1,146 adults of 18 years and above proved that 9% of women would prefer playing the lovemaking game with a robot instead of a human. 24% of men polled in favor of the sex robots idea.

Despite the positive reception of the robotic sex concept by many, there is still a small percentage of Americans who consider the robot lovemaking as more of masturbation than the traditional human sex. One in every three people preferred the regular sexual intercourse with a human than robot.

About the appearance of the bot, it appears that even for those who prefer playing with the robot, they’d love for it to be made in the resemblance of a real human being.

Cheating or Not Cheating?

When asked about fidelity issues, whether or not having sex with a robot while in another relationship like marriage would be considered as cheating, 32% believe it is an act of infidelity while 33% say having sex with a robot is not cheating.

All the same, whether okay with it or not, cheating or not cheating, the sex robot technology has proved that the toys are here to stay. Their designs improve every day, becoming more and more real.

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