Research now shows that immigrants are central to the success of Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley might be the home to all phenomenal tech startups in the world, but as research shows, that wouldn’t have been possible were it not for immigrants. Just like any locale in the U.S, immigrants form quite a reasonable deal of the local community in Silicon Valley. However, for Silicon Valley, things are a little bit different, now that all the neighborhoods in the region are incubators to some serious tech ventures. More than 500 startups have received funding from Silicon Valley and the better half of these startups are doing quite well in the global market.

After an annual study on internet trends in Silicon Valley, it was confirmed that immigrant inventors are at the heart of all innovations birthed in Silicon Valley. Mary Meeker, who happens to be an active venture capitalist with Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers (California) released a report on her Internet Trends Research for Silicon Valley. From the report, a sad fact was derived, that America’s greatest innovators weren’t born in America.

According to Latin Post, Meeker did her research on 25 major players in the tech world who happen to have roots from Silicon Valley. Among the mentioned players were Amazon and Facebook who both happen to have their founders and co-founders, Jeff Bezos and Eduardo Saverin respectively, being not of American origin. Fifteen of all the 25 companies included in the study maintained this trend, showing that most of their founders were either first or second generation Americans.

From the study, at least half of the most phenomenal Silicon Valley ventures were founded by first generation immigrants. These include Uber, Slack and Space X. This report has come as a mind-bending issue for Americans amidst President Trump’s travel bans on immigrants. Probably if Trump was elected president a decade ago, America and Silicon Valley to be specific, wouldn’t have been home to some of the greatest tech companies in the world today.