Ransomware Can Even Be Created Without Coding!


Ransomware is becoming highly dangerous for our systems day by day. Cyber criminals are fooling many people. They are making millions of dollars by doing this. wanna cry and NotPetya are the ransomware attacks are in the recent headlines.

There were days when you would have to do Coding in order to access the computer. Now, free Trojan development kits are available. They can create all types of viruses without using much time.

Application for Creating Ransomware

There is no doubt that the most widely used operating system is Android. Dinesh Venkateshan from semantic had noticed an application. This application can create ransomware for androids. Many hacking forums, as well as some social networking sites of China, provide this app. The device added malware engineering tool is used for automation in order to create ransomware.ZDNet report states that this app provides the interface which can be easily used by everyone.

Functions of App

This app provides many functions such as:

  1. The key is used for unlocking the device which is infected.
  2. Malware uses the icon.
  3. custom mathematical operations are used for randomizing the code
  4. The animation type is displayed on the device which is infected.
  5. Infected device’s locked screen displays the message

You can download this app without paying any money. If you want to create ransomware you, you have to do one-time payment. After making the payment you can make as many ransomware you want.

Semantic provided some measures in order to prevent your device from ransomware. These measures are:

  • Update your software regularly.
  • Use play store for downloading the app.
  • Install security app.