Randy Fowler: By Combining Homosexuality with Sexual Assault, Kevin Spacey Insulted the Entire LGBT Community


Randy Fowler, a brother to Kevin Spacey, has accused the former Hollywood star of insulting the entire LGBT community when he came out as gay after being accused of sexual abuse.

Fowler says that Kevin Spacey, born Kevin Fowler distanced himself from the brother and lived a lie. He also accuses Spacey of lying about his upbringing. He says that his brother should have been honest about who he is.

The actor was dropped by CAA and his longtime publicist after the eruption of the 1988 sexual assault. The actor was also suspended indefinitely from the House of Cards TV show following the series of sexual assault allegations. Randy Fowler says that coming out in public as gay after being accused of assaulting a 14-year-old boy is an insult to the gay and lesbian community.

Abusive Childhood Turned Kevin Spacey into a Monster

According to Randy Fowler, Kevin Spacey had a twisted lifestyle as a young boy. He says that his brother started acting as a young boy. And it is at that young age that he dropped the name Fowler and picked Spacey in a move to mask a monster. The name Kevin Spacey helped him avoid being haunted by his “demons.”

Kevin Spacey plays a sinister character, and his fans love him for that. However, according to his brother, Kevin portrays his real-life character in his movies. That is who he is. Randy says that Kevin stayed behind the screens to lead his monstrous life, but in the real sense he is a monster.

Randy Fowler, who is currently on the way to publishing a book about his life, also talked about how their father mistreated them. He remembers how his father beat and raped him from the age of 14 years.

Kevin Spacey is facing multiple sexual assault allegations from many men including many of his fellow House of Cards’ casts.

Last week Netflix suspended the production of the show and said that they were looking for a creative way forward. Now the production might be considering to kill Francis Underwood, the character played by Kevin Spacey in the TV show.