“Kenyatta Cannot Beat Me Fairly,” Raila Odinga Says Ahead of Kenya’s October Presidential Election Re-run


With just a few weeks away from the scheduled Presidential election Re-run in Kenya, the opposition’s Candidate Hon. Raila Odinga has expressed his confidence saying that the only way Uhuru Kenyatta can beat him is by rigging the elections.

Talking to Aljazeera’s Upfront today, Odinga said that based on the kind of support he has from the people of Kenya, he is sure that he must win the re-election.

Kenya joined history books as the first country in Africa to ever nullify election results, a decision that received praises worldwide as a sign of maturity in democracy. The August 8 presidential election results were annulled following protests and a legal challenge by the opposition.

Giving the court’s full judgment report on Wednesday, Kenya’s Chief Justice David Maraga issued a list of reasons as to why they settled on the decision to call for the re-election. One main reason being that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) failed to prove that the whole electoral process was free, fair, credible, verifiable and transparent.

Asked if he’d call for protests like he did in 2007 in case of a lose, Odinga frankly stated that if his supporters do not turn up in large numbers to elect him, he will accept the results and move on. However, he did not forget to add that Kenyans have the right to peaceful demonstrations, strikes, picketing and so forth.

Responding to claims made by the current Kenya’s Vice President Hon. William Ruto on Twitter last week where Ruto asked, “for how long will one man unable to win elections continue to blackmail 45 million Kenyans using threats of violence, chaos, bloodshed, and anarchy?” Mr. Odinga said that William Ruto apparently suffers from amnesia. Raila Odinga remembered that in 2007 Ruto was in front line with him (Odinga) fighting against the rigged elections.

Kenya is set to go back to ballot on October 26 for fresh presidential elections. However, the opposition presidential candidate Hon. Raila Odinga says he is not going to take part in the re-election until his terms are met.

Raila Odinga, a former Kenya’s Prime Minister, insists that the era of election rigging and the spirit of “I must win no matter what” must end in Africa.