Rahm Israel Emanuel Stated Chicago as Trump Free Zone


Trump – Father of Controversies 

US President Donald Trump has always been a controversy magnet. Therefore, If you hear a controversial statement today, chances are that it came from Trump. He has recently announced to nullify the DACA immigration plan.

Us President Donald Trump Will Scrap DACA Immigration Program

The former President Barack Obama launched an immigration policy in 2012. The program was named Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or also known as DACA. This policy prevented the deportation of around 800 thousand people who migrated to the US as children. Donald Trump cancelled the program this week. The existing members of the policy would be safeguarded from any impact for the next six months. But, no new applications can be filed under the program.

Trump Free Zone

Rahm Israel Emanuel is the current mayor of Chicago. He commented on the matter in a speech at Chicago’s Solorio Academy High School. However, Emanuel asked the citizens of Chicago not to worry.  He said that Chicago is their home. Therefore announced the city as Trump free zone. He added that he wanted the people and children to feel safe. He wanted them to go to schools and follow their dreams.

Obama’s stance on the matter

Barack Obama has also come in open and stood against the scrapping of DACA policy. Therefore, he has termed the decision as ‘political’ and ‘wrong’. Obama said that it was not right to threaten the future of Dreamers. He added that they are also Americans in every single way except the papers.

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