Radio Signals Are Detected From Deep Space


Scientists have determined a chain of mysterious radio signals. These signals are detected from the dwarf galaxy. Dwarf galaxy is a small galaxy. It is away from 3 billion light years.

FRB 121102

Breakthrough Listen is a program to find extraterrestrial communications in the Universe. Scientists with Breakthrough Listen have discovered 15 radio bursts. These radio bursts are very fast. These fast radio bursts are called FRB 121102. The first signal was detected on 2 November of 2012. Some other FRBs are also noticed. The most important thing about this FRB is that it was caught again in the year of 2015. Its location was identified after one year. Breakthrough Listen to used tools at Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. They used the instruments more than 5 hours on Saturday to find out the location. In a news, the organization said that they have found out 15 bursts over 4 to 8 GHz frequency.

Statement of Scientists

A scientist of Harvard has theorized that these radio bursts can be the beams which are organized by extragalactic civilizations. The astronomer of Netherland Emily Petroff has also written about the fast radio bursts. She stated that they don’t know what is generating radio bursts. According to her, it can’t be the work of aliens.

The FRBs Come From Dwarf Galaxy!!

It is very shocking that these radio bursts come from the dwarf galaxy. Shriharsh Tendulkar of McGill University Canada said on the news that it is very surprising that the FRBs are coming from Dwarf Galaxy which is very small. FRBs are supposed to come from the galaxy which has more stars.


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