Qualcomm Develops Depth Sensing Technology For Android Cameras


Qualcomm is clearly the leading processor manufacturer and technology developer for smartphones. As a result, they have paved the path for many new technologies and implemented new features on their chip sets. Thanks to them Android smartphones are going to get active depth sensing capabilities within the next year.

Qualcomm is currently working on their 2nd generation Snapdragon processors. This new processor will unvail many new technologies and most importantly depth sensing capabilities. The development of this new processor is in its very early stages but the depth sensing feature seems pretty amazing. You can see the technology in work in this Youtube video.

How does It work?

This new processor will also allow three camera modules. Passive depth sensing, active depth sensing and Irish scanning. Most of the dual camera set up uses passive depth sensing but the real deal is the active depth sensing.

Qualcomm’s active depth sensing uses infra red light and shines a pattern of invisible dots. It uses those invisible dots to map an object in 3D space. On the other hand, the IR sensor on the smartphone receives those signals and uses the hardware to make kind of a render.

Qualcomm said, “It features a completely new architecture that is engineered to increase image quality and speed, but more importantly, it’s designed for depth sensing in high-resolution and high accuracy — at very low-power”.

This feature is very similar to Googles Tango project. Qualcomm also promised more news on their progress later this year.

The new Irish scanning feature will provide more accurate and reasonable Irish scanning. Clearly, this features will not come cheap. The latest Snapdragon processor will obviously be the most expensive one. We can expect to this processors in the 2018 flagships. The smartphone companies will have to adapt to this new technology and also have to license this new features.

Though it is only the start, we yet don’t know how many other exciting features will come with this processor. Only time will tell!!