Here Is the Price for the New Tesla Electric Truck


When Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla electric truck last week, he announced everything you would want to know about it. He, however, left the most important thing out of the list, the price.

Well, the price is no longer unknown as Tesla has announced the prices of the two 300 miles and 500 miles range trucks. There is also the Founders series version of the truck. The three trucks will cost at a starting price of $150,000, $180,000 and $200,000 respectively.

The prices are slightly above the regular rates for diesel trucks. However, as Elon Musk alludes, the truck will cut up to $200,000 in fuel consumption compared to diesel trucks throughout its lifespan.

The Tesla electric truck will improve road safety for both the driver and other road users thanks to its enhanced autopilot. The features of the autopilot include automatic emergency braking, lane keeping, and lane departure warning. It’s quite an experience for the drivers.

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The truck also has a jackknife protection, cameras, and sensors aimed at reducing blind spots. It also features a highly powerful acceleration (a new feature for trucks) that will be of great importance when going up a hill or a crazy terrain.

Despite all these enticing features, some truckers still question the construction of this incredibly high-tech truck. Trucker Ramsey thinks the absence of mirrors and the pilot positioning will be a considerable obstruction to visibility.

The pilot seat is placed at the center of the truck, and so, unlike in the ordinary trucks, the driver cannot peep outside through the windows. There are no side mirrors, and thus, the driver cannot see behind the truck.

tesla electric truck

Trucker Ramsey thinks Tesla should have put more emphasis on the braking system instead of the crazy acceleration.

Some big transportation companies and other potential buyers like Walmart are already showing interests in the Tesla electric truck. The Canadian Loblaws were the first company to place a large reservation.

The trucks will be up on the market starting 2019.

Some critics think Tesla has priced the truck too low. What about you? Leave a comment, share your views about truck features and the pricing.