Pretty Little Liars’ Brandon Jones Behind Bars for Assault with Fire Arm


Brandon Jones will spend the next 180 days in a correctional facility. The actor, who starred in the free form series; pretty little liars was sentenced to 180 days in prison for pointing a gun at a neighbor. However, the 29-year-old star, who played as Andrew Campbell on the famous TV show pleaded no contest to the count of assault with a firearm.

On another case settled on Monday, the actor was sentenced to a  summary probation of three years and thirty days of community service. In addition to the two judgments, Jones is also required to participate in 26 classes on anger management.

According to the office of the Los Angeles County’s District attorney, Brandon Jones produced a handgun during a dispute in North Hills, California, in 2015. Additionally, Brandon is also reported to have threatened a neighbor with a gun and knife during a different disagreement in March 2016. The incident lead to his arrest in April 2016. According to the actor’s representative, Brandon felt that he was under threat during the heated argument.

In a statement, Brandon Jones representative said the gun possessed by the actor at that moment is fully registered and legally owned. Jones was at his girlfriend’s private property, and they (Brandon and his girlfriend) felt under threat by the neighbors. “The gun was not fired. We are fully confident that Mr. Jones will be completely exonerated in this incident.” Said the actor’s rep.

Among other shows that Brandon Jones has been a part of are The CSI, The Fosters, The Middle and the most recent one, doubt.