President’s Wife Roasted over Wearing Heels to the Flood Affected Area!

melania trump

Melania Trump boarded Air Force One in high heels!

Hurricane Harvey is continuously doing catastrophic damage to the states. The floods have rendered people homeless in Uthe USA The hurricane has brought not only the physical damage but also political unrest. The first lady of the states also has not been denied from its light showers.

She was literally wearing heels!

The matter concerns Washington D.C and Texas. President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump were seen boarding the Air Force One in Washington D.C. They were up to visit the flood affected areas in Texas. The journalists and others present there noticed Melania’s footwear. She was literally wearing Heels. Yes! You heard it right. Not even the heeled shoes, but the heels itself, to a hurricane affected area.

Reaction to the Heels

Madeline Conway is a Politico reporter. He tweeted a sarcastic good luck wish to Melania. He wished her luck in surveying the flood zone area in heels.

A Washington Post reporter, Paul Schwartzman, expressed his surprise to wearing high heels to the floods.

Counter Move by Trump’s wife

Melania Trump shocked everyone at Corpus Christi, Texas. Arriving in black slacks, a white shirt, and Adidas sneakers, she took everyone by surprise. She changed the get up on the plane during the course from Washington D.C to Texas.

Counter Comments

The earlier tweets on heels got an equal response from Melania fans. Breitbart Senior Editor at Large Joel Pollak tweeted that the first lady wore sneakers. He added that he hoped that the haters felt good about themselves. The Twitter war is still on.