Is Your Phone Guzzling Your Data? Datally, the New Google Android App Will Help Control Other Apps from Wasting Your Data


Is your phone taking up too much of your data? Would you like to regulate your internet bundle consumption?


Well, here is what you need, Datally, a new, light and straightforward Android app from Google that will help you stop other apps from taking too much of your internet bundles.

The new app is designed to determine and show you where your internet is used the most, and help you cut down the usage. Datally will not only show you where your internet is going, but it’ll also notify you when excessive consumption is taking place.

The app features a large button that lets you restrict all background data usage so that only the running apps can use the data. And if you don’t want to limit all background data consumption, Datally gives you an option to restrict BG data app by app. There is also a pop-up notification feature that shows you how much data your currently running app is consuming.

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Google is launching Datally as part of its billion users initiative that started earlier in the year. The initiative aims at making it easy for users from countries with a low internet connection and widespread of low-quality hardware to enjoy Google products.

The initiative focuses most on primary android user needs like storage and data usage, which explains why Google designed the app at such a small size of 6MBs.

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Josh Woodward is the Product manager overseeing the Datally project. He says that his team noticed how far people are willing to go to limit internet usage, and so they came up with the idea to design Datally. Woodward says that in countries like Nigeria and India, where data is relatively expensive, people would keep their phones in flight mode to ensure their data is not going to waste.

People will turn their flight mode off whenever they want to check for new messages and immediately back on afterwards.

Google has tested the app in the Philippines, reaching over 500,000 users with positive results, saving up 30% of their internet bundle usage.

Even if you can afford to fill up your phone with data all the time, restricting its usage from an app you don’t need will take you a day or two without having to recharge your internet bundles.

Datally is available in Google play store for all Android phones running on android 5.0 and above.