PGA Banned Weinstein’ Life


The Producers Guild of America (PGA) has taken a step to set its position on no reputed studio mogul Harvey Weinstein. It is announcing on Monday that the organization’s board has voted to ban Weinstein from the guild for life.

The team decided to ban:

The Producers Guild’s National Board of Directors has voted to initiate the proceedings to end the membership of Harvey Weinstein.  ‘The PGA constitution requires that members be given 15 days’ notice before disciplinary action is taken. The guild has received a notice that rather than addressing the Guild’s charges, Weinstein is elected to resign his membership in the Producers Guild.’

‘In the light of Mr. Weinstein’s widely reported behaviors is with new reports continuing to surface even now. The Producers Guild’s National Board has voted agreed to enact a lifetime ban on Mr. Weinstein, permanently barring him from PGA membership,’ the statement continued. “This step is a reflection of the seriousness with which the Guild regards the numerous reports of Mr. Weinstein’s decades of reprehensible conduct.”


The Guild’s National Board of Directors and Officers voted to ban Weinstein. High profile arguments of sexual harassment and assault of dozens of women are the reasons for banning. It was announced on 16th of October meeting.

At the same meeting, the PGA’s National Board is made up of 20 women and 18 men. Voted to create a task force to research and address sexual harassment within the entertainment industry.

The PGA repeated its commitment to forming a Hollywood task force to combat the kind of rampant harassment and abuse that the Weinstein scandal has forced to the force: “Sexual harassment can no longer be tolerated in our industry or within the ranks of producers Guild membership.

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