Petya, A New Ransomware That You Must Be Aware

petya ransomware

We all know that virus makes our PC system to slow and damage our files.  Not long ago WannaCry Ransomware virus disappeared from the news, and now appears a new ransomware called Petya. This ransomware managed to horrid the world because it is considered more dangerous than WannaCry. Then, what is Petya like?

How Petya Attacked the Computer?

Petya works by attacking Master Boot Record (MBR) on computers that use Microsoft’s operating system output. This Ransomware duplicates the Golden Eye. It probably does not have a kill switch. So, this ransomware is more dangerous than WannaCry. This Golden Eye duplication encrypts files from New Technology File System or NTFS by default on computers with Windows installed so that they can not boot. The perpetrators of this ransomware attack request ransom through the payment of bitcoin.

Why bitcoin? This is because bitcoins are more secure and not easily tracked by the ownership of their accounts. So many cyber criminals are asking for ransom in the form of bitcoin or through bitcoin payments.

How to Anticipate Petya on Our Computer?

As you may know, Petya attacked MBR using Microsoft’s output OS. Currently, many computers that use Microsoft’s OS so they must be aware of the coming of this Ransomware. If you are running with Microsoft OS, you need to prepare from Petya attack.

Firstly, you should disable a local LAN or network temporarily, copying important data to another device such as an external hard drive, using the original OS and always updating the OS security system officially, using antivirus and always updating the antivirus, and changing the password periodically. These ways are believed to be able to anticipate Petya attacks on our computer.