Some Outer Space Facts You Won’t Believe to be True


We see Earth below us, Sky above us in our daily lives. The Giant Blue Sky, The Big Brown Earth, They seem to be stretched till infinity. As absurd it seems now, centuries back people believed it be true. People back then actually believed earth to be flat, and stretched till infinity. People believed that stars are just tiny bodies in the sky. Yes people believed all of that.

Science has developed much in astronomy. Scientist have discovered some facts about the universe around us that still seem like a fairy tale. In this article I am highlighting few facts that may seem like a fairy tale to you but they are true. Lets begin

A Planet Made Up of Burning Ice

Yes you read that right. Don’t believe me? Google it then. See? I was right IT IS A FACT. An exoplanet named Gliese 436b is made of BURNING ICE. Ice is supposed to be cool guys isn’t it? I mean you don’t put an ice cube in you juice glass later to find out that your glass melted or you don’t put some ice cubes in you bath tub to boil water right? It truly is Unbelievable. You can Click Here learn more about it

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It Rain Diamonds On Uranus

Diamond sure are expensive but what you you think will happen if it Rained Diamond in you place? Ever wondered? Well it may be just a perception on the place you live but lets suppose if you lived on Uranus you will have experienced it. It is a fact that it rains diamond on Uranus. Still don’t believe me? Let me explain. Diamond in nothing more then a coal who underwent pressure. The surroundings on the planet force methane vapors to convert into diamond while it rains. Click Here to learn more

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Planet Made up of diamond

Not satisfied with the planet which rain diamond? Want more of it? How about a planet bigger then earth made up of diamond? Interesting right? Stop dreaming it don’t exist. Well that’s what you will be thinking right? Let me tell you IT EXIST. Click Here to read the source article to learn more

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