OPPO Opening Flagship Stores In India, Apple Might Be Next


Chinese manufacturer OPPO got the green light to open their flagship stores in India. India is the third largest smartphone market in the world. Big smartphone manufacturers are trying to make their place in India’s smartphone market for a while. Therefore Apple is no exception. In July 2017, Apple posted a report titled “Apple is Designing their Largest Retail Stores ever for India with Enough Class to make them Tourist Attractions.”

What was in the report?

According to the report, Apple’s top retail expert team was in India to meet with retailers. They are planning to open the largest Apple store by far in India. They want to design the store to look beautiful so that it becomes a tourist attraction. The report notes that the first Apple store in India will be between 10000 to 15000 sq.ft.

A new report suggests that Apple might be close to finalising their plans but they are yet to get the green light from the government.

Xiaomi, another Chinese manufacturer already had its stores in India and they are looking forward to building another 100 stores.

Opening stores in India have been a challenge for every manufacturer. With the new make in India programme, they must make some components of their products India. Apple seems very positive about all this and they want to grab a hold in Indian market at every cost.

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