Ohio, United States: Anti-LGBT Legislator Wes Goodman Resigns After He Was Found In His Having Sex with a Guy


Wes Goodman, An Ohio state legislator was caught having sex with a man in his office. The Republican lawmaker, who has led his life as a staunch Christian and an anti-LGBT was having sex with a man who doesn’t work for him.

Apart from his sharp anti-gay statements, Wes Goodman is also has a wife, a woman who works as the assistant director of March for Life, an annual rally that fights against the legalization of abortion.

Columbus Dispatch reports that after witnessing the obscene act by the legislator, the eyewitness rushed to Mike Dittoe, the Ohio House Chief of Staff. Dittoe felt that the matter was beyond his capacity and so he took it to Cliff Rosenberger, the House speaker.

Rosenberger reportedly called Wes Goodman for a meeting. And it’s after the meet up that the lawmaker submitted his resignation.

Wesley Goodman describes himself as a “Christian. American. Conservative. Republican. Husband to @Beth1027″ in his Twitter biography, and he has forever claimed that only a man and a woman can make a natural marriage relationship.

Goodman joined the Ohio House of Representatives last year as the 87th District’s representative. He initially worked for the highly conservative Republican, and a strong anti-LGBT, Jim Jordan.

The largest gay rights activism group in the United States named Jim Jordan in their 2014 hall of shame for standing against them. Jim had tried to block marriage equality in Columbia district.

Mr. Goodman’s website has been pulled down, his Facebook account taken offline and his Twitter account changed to private since the news broke out. In 2013, the disgraced lawmaker expressed commitment to family values and assured the Ohio residents that he and his wife stood for what is right them.

Wes Goodman acknowledged his mistakes in a statement as he stepped down. He confirmed the allegations and asked for forgiveness. He also requested for privacy for his family, friends and himself.

The house speaker, Cliff Rosenberger confirmed his knowledge about the claims and said that he later met with Goodman and discussed the misconduct.