Puerto Rico: New Reports Show that the Official Records of the Deaths Cause by Hurricane Maria is 34


Following the United States’ president brief visit to the US territory of Puerto Rico, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has announced that the official death toll caused by the calamity is 34, and not 16 as earlier reported. The governor announced on Tuesday after the president visited the Island on a mission to assess the damage caused by the storms.

The governor also said that the September 20 Hurricane Maria might have caused the Island a damage amounting up to $90 billion. Maria was accompanied by winds that traveled at 150mph.

The Rosselló’s report revealed that 19 and 15 people were killed directly and indirectly by the storm respectively.

In his short visit, Donald Trump congratulated the Island Inhabitants for avoiding a high death record of such a catastrophe, like Katrina. Over 1800 people died in the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina when it breached the levees protecting the State in 2005.

It’s been two weeks now since Maria hit Puerto Rico and 95% of the people are still not connected to electricity. Some of the Puerto Ricans have expressed the impact expected from the outages to the Island residents.

FEMA has said that they have over 10,000 federal officials on the ground in Puerto Rico. They also stated that they had reconnected water supply to over 45% of Puerto Ricans.

Gov. Rosselló also said that he believes by the end of the month, electricity will have reached over 25% of the residents.