After 9 Years in Nevada State Prison, O.J Simpson is Once Again a Free Man


O.J Simpson was set free on Sunday after serving in Nevada state prison for nine years. The former NFL legend was arrested in 2007 for a hotel room robbery in Las Vegas.

A state prison spokesperson told Associated Press that O.J was released from the Lovelock Correctional facilities at 12:08 am. The spokeswoman, Brooke Keast said she didn’t get to know about who picked O.J after his release, nor where he was headed.

A close friend of Simpson’s stated via a text message that he was with him after he was released. He, however, didn’t say where they were headed. The friend didn’t also respond to questions of whether O.J Simpson’s sister or daughter was with him. However, Simpson had earlier said that he wanted to return to Florida, where he initially lived before he was convicted.

O.J was arrested and sentenced in September 2007 after an armed confrontation with two Las Vegas’ sports memorabilia dealers. The star said that he was the rightful owner of some of the memorabilia and that he wasn’t there to steal them. The State Prison spokesperson stated that Simpson was released in the middle of the night to avoid Media confrontation.

Parole Hearing

O.J was released after he was granted a parole hearing in July. However, the former Buffalo Bills player will be under strict parole supervision for the next five years. The supervision period might reduce depending on his behavioral conduct.

22 years ago, the football star went free after he was arrested for allegedly killing his ex-wife and her friend. His trial was televised every step by major American television, but at the end, the judges dropped all the charges.

Simpson desired to reunite with his family and enjoy things that he had missed for the past nine years.

The Nevada Correctional Facility released a video showing O.J exiting the State Prison gates.

The 70-year-old O.J Simpson might be free from Prison walls, but he will never be free from public scrutiny,  having moved from being a highly respected football star to a murder suspect, and eventually an armed robbery ex-con.