Nvidia Unveils the Most Powerful Computer GPU, Titan V, Selling @ $3,000

titan v, nvidia, graphics cards

Nvidia has announced the world’s most powerful computer GPU. Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s founder, and CEO announced the release of Titan V graphics card during the 2017 NIPS annual conference.

According to the company, the Titan V GPU is the most powerful graphics card the world has ever seen. The super graphics card is the first consumer based product Nvidia has released around their new Volta architecture.

Talking about consumers, this monstrous GPU is selling at a starting price of $3,000. Maybe it’s worth it. The device is focused on Artificial Intelligence and scientific simulation processing. It features the latest 12nM Volta GPU architecture with the highest end and latest technology Nvidia could lay a hand on.

Nvidia claims that the super GPU comes with super-fast computing speed of up 110 teraflops thanks to its billions of transistors. It comes with 12GB of the second generation high bandwidth memory, 640 tensor cores and a total of 5120 CUDA cores.

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Jensen Huang said that this new super-powerful computer graphics card is the first of Nvidia to feature the HBM2 memory. He pointed out that these features make the Titan V GPU 9 times better than its predecessor, the Titan Xp.

Although the Titan V GPU can be used for both professional and ordinary workloads like gaming, we expect Nvidia to produce a super powerful GPU like this one for gaming needs only. The company introduced the current Pascal architecture about 18 months ago with the GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card; so far it’s among the best VR gaming GPUs. There is also the GTX 1080 Ti, a turbocharged GPU, which is a lot faster than the GTX 1080.

The card comes in a gorgeous black and gold aluminum design that makes it look pretty cool. The Titan V also features a supercooling system that provides it with the best thermal ever.

The new GPUs are available for sale today but at a limited order of two pieces per customer.

titan v, nvidia, graphics cards