Nurse Got Arrested For Doing Her Job


A Nurse in Utah refused to take blood from the body of an insensible patient. After the refusal, the nurse was arrested forcefully. The officer pulled her out of the hospital. She was screaming that she has not done anything wrong.

Video Footage of the Nurse and the Police Detective Was Leaked

In the video, it is visible that the nurse Alex Wubbels was speaking very politely with Jeff Payne. Jeff Payne is the police detective of Salt Lake City. The nurse was explaining to him that she can’t draw the blood from the body of the senseless patient. She added that she can only take the blood if the police have an electronic warrant, or the patient is under arrest or patiently agrees on this. In this case, neither of the conditions was fulfilled. Alex Wubbels showed written policy to the police. She said to Jeff Payne that police agreed to the policy of the hospital. So it is clear that the nurse was just doing her duty.

Jeff Payne Arrested the Nurse

Two officials of hospital tried to interfere when the police were resting Alex Wubbels. Jeff Payne warned the officials. He told them if they interfere they would also be arrested. Attorney Karra Porter held the news conference on Thursday. In the conference she represented Alex Wubbels. Wubbels was not charged for any crime. She told in the conference that she has seen the video for approximately five times. Officials of hospital supported Alex Wubbels.

The police detective Jeff Payne was suspended from the blood-draw program.


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