From Now On Facebook Will Block Ads On Fake Posts And Offensive Videos


From now on Facebook will block ads on fake news posts and offensive videos. This new implement follows the new Facebook ads system. In the new system, ads will be shown inside posts and videos rather than on your feed.

Facebook has said that this move is for making the Facebook platform more ads friendly. Advertisers are very concerned about the image of their brand. Therefore they don’t want to see their ads on offensive posts and videos. Facebook has more than 5 million advertisers and they want to stay away from what happened with YouTube earlier this year. Facebook certainly doesn’t want to scare away big money milking investers. Nowadays everything is about making money and Facebook does not want to lose a penny.

Facebook will implement this system through a combination of human and automated reviews. Facebook is dealing with the widespread fake news posts on its website for quite a long time. They want to end it for once and all with this implementation.

The publishers who want to monetize their contents must follow some guidelines set by Facebook. Like they must have a certain number of followers for ads on video and the page must be 2 months old and much more.

Those who use click bait or spread fake news won’t be able to monetize their contents. In general, Facebook already had a strict guideline for publishers. Like they can’t show extensive drinking or smoking, or they can’t show real world tragedy and drug use or show children in a compromising situation. Excessively using derogatory language is also restricted. The new guidelines will make it even harder for content creators. Gone those times when it was about us, now its all about who pays more.

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