Japan to the United States and South Korea, “North Korea’s Threat is Critical and Imminent.”


Itsunori Onodera, the defence minister to Japan on Monday told the United States and South Korea that the recent threat by North Korea has reached a critical point and needs to be addressed.

Onodera addressed the issue following the recent North Korea missiles tests, including the two that flew over Japan’s soil. Pyongyang is now looking to develop a tipped missile with the ability to travel to the U.S territories.

The Japan defence minister, opening the talks in the Philippines said that the threat posed by N. Korea has grown to a critical point. He added that the three had to take a more calibrated measure to counter that kind of a threat.

Onodera’s statement was backed by Song Young Moo. The South Korean defence minister who said that North Korea’s provocations had worsened. Song made the remarks in a live recording before the news boards were asked out of the room.

The United States defence secretary, Jim Mattis continued with his fierce criticism of the missile tests by North Korea, saying that they not only threatened the regional security but the world. Jim Mattis always has put more effort into trying to solve the crisis. Between Pyongyang and Washington instead of the armed responses. Both Kim Jong Un and the U.S president Donald Trump keeps talking about.

When Mattis was asked about the agenda of his meeting with Itsunori Onodera earlier before the central meeting, he said that the duo conversed about how they could maintain peace and stability to back up the diplomats.

Unlike President Donald Trump’s public threats to North Korea, Jim Mattis has been overly cautious with his public remarks.

Life and Death

In his one week trip to the Asian Continent, Jim Mattis is going to attend Association of Southeast Asian Nations meetings. The ASEAN ministers expressed their concerns and referred the North Korea’s threat as a matter of life and death.

The ASEAN’s emphasized on the need for peace and stability in their region and urged for self-restraint as a way of deescalating the already escalating peace threat from North Korea.

In the meantime, the former United States president, Jimmy Carter offered to go to Pyongyang. On behalf of Trump and negotiate for peaceful reforms between the U.S and North Korea. Something he once did in 1994. When he talked to Kim Jong Un’s grandfather to ease tensions between the two nations.