North Korea Issues Fresh Threats Over Economic Sanctions Following Their Latest Nuclear Test

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Following the September 3rd North Korea’s nuclear test, the UN issued fresh sanctions banning the defiant nation from textile exports. In response to the act, a North Korean state agency announced new threats that they would sink Japan and reduce the US to “ashes and darkness” for taking sides with the united nations’ move.

The Pyongyang’s peace committee charged with N. Korea’s external matters also called for the disbandment of the council, which they call the “tool of evil” consisting of “money bribed” nations controlled by the United States.

Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee said that the four islands of archipelago should be sent to the sea with Juche nuclear bomb. According to the peace committee, the existence of Japan near N. Korea is not needed anymore

Juche is the North Korea’s governing ideology that was introduced by the nation’s founding father, Kim II Sung, a grandfather to the current ruler, Kim Jong Un. The ideology is a mixture of Marxism and an extensive manner of do-it-alone nationalism.

The latest nuclear test has resulted in increased regional tensions as it is said to be far stronger than the previous five tests.

On N. Korea’s list of “countries to destroy” also include Japan and South Korea.

The recent threats by the North placed Japan on top of the list, accusing them of “dancing to the tune” of America not offering sincere apologies for the crimes Japan committed against the North Koreans. The statement also branded S. Korea as “traitors and dogs” of the US, a report that was harshly criticized by Japan.

North Korea rejected the Council’s resolution to impose sanctions on the defiant country and said they wouldn’t stop with their weapon development.

The new sanctions also bar foreign nations from coming into business agreements with N. Korea.

The American president, Donald Trump vowed never to let North Korea threaten America with nuclear weapons. N. Korea accuses the US of planning to put them (N. Korea) down, together with her Asian allies with their 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea.