North Korea is Boosting their Bombers


After Donald Trump declared a war, North Korean people are raising their protection levels. They are going to shoot the bombers down near the Korean point. Yon hap is a news agency in North Korea reported on 26th of this month.

Tensions are being highly praised as the most powerful nuclear bomb was tested on September 3rd. The U.S and North Korea are exchanging their abuses and warnings.

Testing on the peninsula

Yon hap suggesting the people in the north should be alert as the air crafts and bombers are tested on the North side of the peninsula.

An unproven statement of Yonhap told that the U.S flights have disclosed the route as the North Korea being ignorant. But the South Korea wanted to know the statement to be confirmed.

Declaring a war

Mr. Ri told the reporters that the U.S is the first to declare a war on Korean country. He also told that the whole world must clearly understand this statement.


White House Spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders told absurd for declaring a war against North Korea.

North Korea is still working on the improvement of the missiles and bombers. The North Korean people saying that it needs to improve the weapons in order to protect against the U.S.

China and North Korea are the best trading partners in the world. China’s U.N ambassador, Liu said that it should be calm down.

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