Nomad Introduces The New Wireless Charging Hub


Today, Nomad announced a wireless charging hub, best equipment for home or office use. The sophisticated charger comes with several USB charging ports.

The wireless charger’s design is in a way that it can charge up to five different devices at once. It is also compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. The top of the hub is charging pad able to supply up to 7.5 watts of wireless charging power for iPhone handsets with a glass at the back.

Underneath the Hub, there are four more ports, three of the ports (USB-A ports) are for charging other kinds of gadgets. The fourth port, (USB-C), is designed for fast charging Apple mobile phones, the USB supplies 3.0A of power

The Hub also comes fitted with five LED charging indicators. The indicators show when the device is charging or fully charged. When in charging mode, the LEDs are orange in color but turn white once fully charged. They also come with a unique light sensor that dims the lights when in a dark room.

However, the fast charging port, USB-C does not supply enough power for devices like MacBook or MacBook Pro.  But the other ports, USB-A ports can charge any given device but at a slow pace.

The problem though is that the hub does not come with cables, so you will have to purchase the cables yourself. Nomad recommends its 0.3m micro USB universal cables; although that is not the only option, you can even use your standard 0.5m cable.

Summary Of Wireless Charging Hub

  • Wireless top: Outputs a maximum of 7.5 watts of power, for glass-backed iPhones.
  • USB A Ports: Outputs 2x 1A Apple watches, Bike lights and other devices.
  • USB A Port: Outputs 2,1A for iPad or other phones fast charging.
  • USB C Port: Maximum output is 3.0A, fast charging for iPhone X, 8 and 8 plus.

Reports show that the hub goes for roughly $80 without the USB cables.