No More Selfies With Camels For Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims


The health ministry of Indonesia is warning its Hajj pilgrims to avoid contact with animals.The health ministry is concerned because Indonesian citizens might get infected by this animals. Might even bring back the disease to Indonesia. By avoiding close contact they can save themselves from any dangerous infections. Therefore this time no more selfies with camels.

The first batch of pilgrims left Indonesia yesterday. As a result during the sending off, Nila F Moeloek said “Please do not interact with animals in Saudi Arabia, especially camels. Do not take selfies with camels; take selfies with objects that are far more beautiful than camels because right now there are many sick camels. We don’t want their virus brought into Indonesia,”.

The idea might sound ridiculous but the concern is genuine. Since 2012, almost 700 people have died in Saudi Arabia from a disease named MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrom). The outbreak of the disease is still ongoing and recently a woman died in June 2017.

This disease was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012. MERS is native to Saudi Arabia and the country accounts for 80% of cases. MERS is generally spreading among humans but camels are a big reservoir of the disease. The symptoms are high fever, cough and breathing problem. It leads to more complicated problems after that. 4 out of 10 infected people die from this disease. Sadly there is no treatment for this disease. In the case of organ failures, there is very little chance of surviving. Proper sanitation prevents this disease from spreading.

The MERS infection leads to severe acute respiratory disease. It kills almost 35% of the infected people. Almost 2,21,000 people will travel from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year. The Indonesian government said the safety of the pilgrims is the main concern for them right now. There has been no reported case in Indonesia in past. The pilgrimage will last from August to September.

What do you think? is it reasonable to be concerned or the government is overreacting?. No matter what but selfies with camel will decrease from social media. Good news for all of us.