No More Lock Screen Ads On Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phones


It’s been two years since Amazon implemented Prime Exclusive Program; and now, the company has announced that it will do away with all lock screen ads from its Prime Exclusive Android operated handsets.

Initially, Amazon, via its Prime Exclusive Program offered smartphones to buyers at a discounted price. In exchange, the mobile phone’s lock screen displayed ads from Amazon. However, the company announced that starting from 7th February 2018, all smartphones acquired from the Prime Exclusive Program will ship to users without lock screen ads.

Customers saved between $50 and $150 while purchasing phones from Prim Exclusive platform loaded with Amazon ads. But, since the discount will still be there, the company said that it would raise the price of each smartphone with $20 but minus lock screen ads.

Also, Amazon said that it would provide an updated app to users with existing Prime Exclusive handsets. The app will wipe up all the lock screen ads.

Is There A Better Reason For Amazon To Remove Lock Screen Ads?

According to Android authority, Amazon stated that it wants to remove the ads to adapt to the new smartphone technology. This is because all smartphones manufacturers have added new unlock features like facial recognition and fingerprint sensors on their phones.

However, for as much as the company says that it is taking the step to adapt to the evolution of technology, this may not be the exact reason. Back in December last year, Alphabet’s owned company, Google, passed a new law that disqualifies all developers from using lock screens for ads. Therefore, Amazon could be removing the ads to abide by Google’s new policy.

Removal of lock screen ads will not have any negative effect on the mobile phone users. This is because Amazon recognizes that consumers depend more on the handset’s screen lock for security.

Moreover, Amazon widgets, Prime Videos and music apps that were installed earlier will not be removed from the smartphones. Instead, they will remain to continue offering other Amazon services including offers.