After a Month without Provocations, North Korea Returns with a Warning of “Unimaginable Blow” to the United States


After North Korea refraining from provocations for weeks, the country on Monday, Oct 23rd threatened the U.S of an unimaginable blow at any time. The state-controlled KCNA reported that the warning was in response to the aggressive remarks made by the United States.

KCNA also reported that trump speaks of “the calm before the storm in his miscalculated attempts to frighten North Korea, but, according to the news agency, United States is the one despairing in fear. North Korea further said that the time for America to shine is over, gone for good.

Last week, North Korea had said they would respond to a provocation meant to counter the United States and South Korea, the main reason for the anger being the naval drills around the peninsula. The provocation is yet to take place.

Pyongyang said that their enemies are overly nervous and it is evident in their statements.  He also pointed out that for the past one month, North Koreas has not engaged in any provocation.

At the same time, the former U.S president, Jimmy Carter is reported to be planning to return to Pyongyang to ease the tensions, The New York Times announced on Saturday.

Jimmy Carter’s reputation in easing tensions speaks for itself, as he once struck a deal with Kim II Sung, Kim Jong Un’s biological grandfather in 1994 which reduced tensions in the country. Carter now is reportedly planning to hit a win-win deal for both North Korea and the United States with Donald Trump.

Jimmy Carter, however, pointed out that he was willing to go back to North Korea, but he was afraid of how they would treat him. “I don’t know what they’d do,” he said, “because they don’t want to lose their regime.” He will be doing it on behalf of the current American President Donald Trump who’s forever on war of words with Pyongyang.