Nintendo’s New Policy Restricts Live Streaming On YouTube


Nintendo announced a new policy which restricts its partners from live streaming their games on YouTube. Previously Nintendo’s creator’s programme allowed creators to live stream their games. This announcement came as a surprise for many gaming channels on YouTube.

Currently, the revenue share is 60% for individual videos and 70% for channels.

New Policy

Like other companies, Nintendo also have a creators programme. Therefore creators could register one video or their entire channel. The new policy omits live streaming from this programme. Live streaming is the most popular way for creators to share their playing experience. Banning live streaming can even hurt Nintendo. Nintendo is yet to clarify why the made this decision.

Nintendo sent an email to their partners clarifying the new policy.

“You cannot broadcast content on YouTube Live from the account you have registered to the Nintendo Creators Program,” the company said. “If you plan to broadcast content on YouTube Live, you have a couple of options. First, you can broadcast content on YouTube Live from a channel that is not registered to the Nintendo Creators Program. Or, you can cancel your channel’s registration to the Nintendo Creators Program and instead, register your videos containing Nintendo’s IP to the program separately. Videos which had previously been registered through your channel would need to be re-registered individually.”


Why This Change?

Probably the main reason behind this ban is very simple. Nintendo wants to show only what they want. They can not monitor live streams and therefore they fear of losing control over their creator’s programme. Or maybe something else happened, we don’t clearly know at this point. we will notify as soon as Nintendo officially puts up their statement.

What is your opinion on this ban?. Is it justifiable?. Restricting creators is becoming the trend in 2017. Which is not only sad but also disgusting.

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