Nintendo To Terminate Miitomo In May


Nintendo announced the close down of Miitomo, its underlying passage into the universe of smartphone apps. On 9th May, Nintendo will terminate Miitomo’s online services together with all its features.

Nintendo said that from 24 January, all the app users would not be able to buy the Miitomo in-game coins. However, they will get additional coins through login bonuses before the app, and its inbuilt features go dark. But, all Miitomo game players will get back their unused in-app coins, Nintendo said.

The mobile app is more of a social platform than a game since the main idea behind it is for users to know their friends better. Miis is Miitomo’s symbol that enables the app users to communicate with other friends quickly and easily.

This is a speedy and surprising end to an app that puffed up in only two years since its launch. During its launch in 2016 in The U.S, Europe, and Japan, the app recorded a figure of over four million users within one month.

Other Features That Nintendo Will Shutdown Include:

After 9th may, Miitomo players will not have access to the BuzzFeed questions answers they create. Neither will they use items like wallpapers and posters obtained from the app, because, they will also go down.

To have access to Nintendo’s features like sidekick Mii and Miifotos, users will have to save them before the due date.You can save sidekick Mii characters as QR codes and move them to Mii maker on Nintendo. And, for the Miifotos, you can directly save them on your smartphone.

Also, clothing items and Miitomo themed items will disappear from Nintendo app soon after the Miitomo service termination.

Miitomo was Nintendo’s first breakthrough mobile game out of the five planned releases in 2015. So far, the company has released three more games including Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Super Mario Run. This was after partnering with DeNA, a mobile game giant.