Nintendo Postpones the Release of the 64 GB Switch Game Card to 2019

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The Japanese consumer electronics and Game developers, Nintendo Co., has announced a one-year delay in the delivery of the 64 GB Switch game card.

According to Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the issue confirmed the reported delay; that means that game lovers might have to wait a while before some data-rich software hits the market.

According to WSJ, the 64 GB game card for the Switch console was scheduled to ship towards the end of 2018, but that could not be possible due to some technical challenges. The delay is a big blow not just to gamers, but also to game developers, and especially publishers in the United States who always develop big data games.

These developers have no option but to wait until 2019 for the bigger cartridges before they launch those data-heavy games for the switch. So the gamers too must wait.

Nintendo’s current switch cartridge has a capacity of 32GB, max. The Blue-Ray disc used by Xbox One and PS4 has a maximum capacity of 50GB, which is larger than that of the Switch. The switch, however, has an option for expansion using a microSD card.

The expansion functionality is a blessing for big-data games like the Doom that can’t fit in the internal memory of the Nintendo current Switch. The game has enormous download requirements even when you buy it from the dealer in a DVD. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes up to 14GB when downloading to the Switch.

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Bigger cartridges like the highly anticipated 64 GB would be a tremendous relief and would help get rid of the need for microSD expansion.

Currently, the Switch users have an option of purchasing a physical cartridge or downloading the game to their Switch console.

Earlier this year, Nintendo entered into a partnership with Western Digital and created a licensed 64GB and 128GB SanDisk microSD expansion cards. There are other options, cheaper option for expansion.

Despite the small-sized Switch console, Nintendo has made a fortune selling the Switch, posting a 10 million console sales in nine months.

Even though games that require large cartridges are always expensive, we know that Nintendo will make a fortune once the 64 GB game card switch is out on the market in 2019.